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The wiring harness acts as a service role in the whole automotive spare parts. It connects all the vehicle’s electrical equipment as a components’ transmission medium to realize the power distribution and signal interaction. The wiring harness is an assembly of flexible parts that runs through the entire vehicle and is the most associated component in the car. The more related parts, the more potential failure modes, and the more complicated and tortuous the design, development and verification of wire harness products. Acting as a service role, coupled with too many associated parts, has determined the status of the wiring harness engineer (servicer) and the complexity of the work from the very beginning.

Too many product categories

Different from other systems: one project is only one part, and even multiple projects use the same parts. Because there are too many related parts, no wire harness project can have only one drawing number. When the project is equipped for many different specification models, it is very common to have 30 to 40 different automotive wire harness OEM parts No. The corresponding wire harness materials are at least hundreds of different products with thousand types of parts.

Long lead time

At present, the lead time of various materials, especially terminals and connectors, is very long, often 12 weeks or even 48 weeks.

High price

If the lead time problem is solved and spot resources are found, the price will be particularly high.

If you are looking for alternatives to Chinese products with fast delivery and low prices, you will encounter new problems:


The product part number is not standardized

There are often different part numbers for the same product, or two or even more products under the same part number. Or the same part number, sometimes the products are slightly different, sometimes they are totally different parts, which make them not to be used interchangeably. If you identify and purchase wire harness parts based on part numbers alone, you are likely to purchase the wrong parts.


Price and quality are not proportional

In general, a higher price means you can get a higher quality product. However, for wiring harness connectors and other materials, the highest price is not always the best quality in many cases. You must get a sample first to compare the quality one by one, in order to confirm the quality.


It is difficult to find reliable factories

Many high-quality factories in China only provide OEM services whose products only supply and serve domestic automotive wiring harness factories. They do not have export business departments, nor do they advertise on google and Alibaba. It is difficult to find them for you. Most of what you can find are small factories with poor quality control.


Procurement costs are difficult to control

The procurement process involves different kinds of transportation costs, storage costs, customs clearance costs, and various cumbersome document requirements. Due to many suppliers, the purchase costs are high, and the documentary process is complicated.


Typhoenix is a brand established specifically to solve the above problems. We have established close cooperation with many domestic OE factories, input all the product information into our system for information integration, and collect samples for comparison, which ensures the quality and correctness of products from the source. In addition, our system will also retain the price and minimum order quantity of each manufacturer, all of these ensure that we can provide you with:

1. Good quality

All suppliers entering our supply chain need to pass ISO/TS16949 quality management system, RoSH and REACH environmental certification, and the laboratories need to pass the certification of CNAS and various automobile manufacturers’ certification, such as BMW, VW, Ford, etc.

2. Correct product

With the help of our supply chain database, we can quickly locate products. And ensure the consistency of products shipped each time under the same project.

3. Free samples

Yes, our samples are free.

4. Better prices

On the premise of ensuring the quality and correctness of products, we can offer you the best price.

5. Timely delivery

90% of products are in stock, the guaranteed lead time is within 5-20 days.

6. Save purchase cost

Typhoenix’s one-stop purchase service can facilitate your sample inspection, cargo transportation arrangement and import procedures handling, thereby saving the procurement costs.

7. Customized service available

Our factories are OEM manufacturers, they have strong product development capabilities. If you have customized needs, please contact us. We provide OEM service.

Why Us



We can help you to confim the correct parts No. and provide different quality for your choose. And if you have any question before sales or after-sales, we shall feed you back immediatly.



Before the formal order, we will provide samples for you to test, and these samples are free. At same time, we guarantee to ship the goods completely consistent with the samples.



We can accept small orders, even sample orders. The  small order should be shipped generally 3-5 working days. The lead time of sea orders is only 20-45 days. We understand the time means life and speed.



The purpose of our cost and quality management is to obtain long-term and lasting competitive advantage,  in order to develop for a long time, It is based on long-term strategic objectives.



Benefiting from our powerfull purchasing system, large inventory and good relationship with factories,  we can provide very competitive prices to our customers.



Our product line covers all processes of automobile wire harness production. You can buy almost all the products you need through us, so to help you save time and purchase logistics cost.

Our Principle:

●   Reasonable profit, long-term cooperation


Our goal is to control the net profit at 5%. The profit point comes from the increase of purchase volume to obtain better cost price and significantly reduce transportation costs. The more customers, the larger the order volume, the lower our purchase price, so that we can serve our customers with more favorable prices.

Our Prospect:

●   External: Help customers to succeed and make money

●   Internally: Joyful work, happy life

Please give us a little trust and a little time. We hope to be your partner, not just only your supplier.


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