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Seals & Plugs

Seals and Plugs, also called wire seals and Waterproof plugs, are made of elastomers and are mainly used for sealed automotive connectors. Their waterproof effect is an important indicator for measuring sealed connectors and wire harness waterproof. The seals and Plugs provided by Typhoenix are all made of high-quality silicone rubber, and we have advanced production equipment and production process without flash and runner, and a laboratory accredited by relevant institutions. Typhoenix is committed to providing safe, environmentally friendly, high-precision, and low-cost sealing solutions for cars, trucks, buses and other mechanical equipment.
  • Single Wire Seals

    Single Wire Seals

    The wire seals or cable seals are limited to sealed connectors. Single Wire Seal (SWS) is our main product, and there are more than 300 specifications according to different dedicated insulation diameters, borehole Diameters, Outer side Diameters, Length and colors.
  • Other Seals & Plugs

    Other Seals & Plugs

    Other seals and plugs mainly refer to waterproof products used on automotive connector housings, including but not limited to Cavity Plug, Ring seal, O-ring seal, Facial Seal, Interface Seal, and multi-wire mat seals. The plug is different from wire seals, it is generally a solid structure. If you didn’t find what you need, feel free to contact us.

1. What are Seals and Plugs Used on Automotive Wire Harness?

  Seals and plugs are rubber parts used on sealed connectors for sealing and protection. Seals and Plugs achieve waterproofing through an interference fit with the connector housing and wire. In addition to waterproofing, it can also be dustproof and corrosion-resistant.  

2. Common Types of Seals and Plugs

  1.   Single Wire Seals 2.   Cavity Blanking Plugs/Cavity Plugs 3.   Multi-wire Mat Seals 4.   Ring Seals 5.   Facial Seals 6.   Interface Seals 7.   O-rings Seals

3. Why us?


3.1.  OEM quality and experience

  Our factory is the OEM supplier of brand automotive manufacturers and automotive wire harness manufacturers. Product quality benchmarking is the world-famous brands, but prices are much better than them.   logo

3.2.  Own product design and mold manufacturing

  There is several software we use during designing for your reference:   logo

3.3.  Advanced equipment and technology

  We use advanced equipment and technology in our production and have realized liquid silicone rubber automatic production. See Our workshop and equipment brands for your reference:   hjgk   klhjgoui

3.4.  Well-established laboratory

  Our test items include:   ✔  High and Low-Temperature Alternating Damp Heat Test ✔  360° Water Spray Test ✔  High-temperature Test ✔  Salt Fog Test ✔  Tensile Test ✔  Tightness Test ✔  Dimension Detection by the Laser Projector   tyuty  

3.5.  Better Price

  Taking the single wire seals as an example, the price of most products is about 50% of the price of TE, Molex, and Aptiv.  

3.6.  Timely Delivery

  Most products are in stock and can be delivered as fast as 3 days.

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