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Cable Protection & Sleevings

Cable protection series involve different materials Tapes,  Cable Protection Grommets,  Cable Sleeving,  Cable Protection Tubes,  Flexible Conduits,  and Cable Protection Accessories. Typhoenix protection materials meet and exceed all current and normalized standards. All of them are produced by top manufacturers and get strict tests before delivery. They provide the best cable protection not only for the automotive wire harness industry but also for mechanical and plant engineering, trains and public buildings. The varieties of cable protection products range from high-quality Plastic, Fabric and Rubber can give you one-stop solutions for your cable protection systems. OEM and ODM service is available.
  • Tape


    The adhesive tape plays the role of bundling, wear resistance, temperature resistance, insulation, flame retardant, noise reduction, marking, etc. in the automotive wire harness, and generally accounts for about 30% of the wire harness wrapping material. Our wire harness tape products include commonly used PVC tape, cloth tape, fleece tape, paper tape and foam tape (Sponge Tape), etc. The temperature resistance is 80℃, 90℃, 105℃, 125℃ or 150℃.
  • Car Grommet

    Car Grommet

    Car grommets are usually used in automotive doors for sealing, insulation, dustproof and waterproofing. We can provide different shapes and sizes of automotive wire grommets made of EPDM Rubber only or a hybrid of rubber and plastic or metal materials. We have our own technician team, so we also could provide OEM and ODM services.
  • Convoluted Tubing

    Convoluted Tubing

    Corrugated tubing is also known as wire loom tubing. Corrugated tubing has good abrasion resistance, flame resistance and heat resistance. We provide corrugated pipes of different materials such as PP, PA6, PPmod, TPE, etc. The temperature resistance of corrugated pipes is between -40-175℃. Our bellows are all supplied by car
  • PVC & PE Sleeving

    PVC & PE Sleeving

    PVC and PE sleeving have excellent electrical and physical properties, acid resistance and corrosion resistance. The flame retardant meets the standard of UL224, VW-1 and J QAF-mar, and the environmental protection meets the requirements of RoHS, REACH and SONY environmental protection standards. The standard temperature resistance is 105℃ and 125℃, and the color is generally black. We can provide custom service for inner and outer diameter, color, wall thickness and temperature resistance.
  • Heat Shrinking Tubing

    Heat Shrinking Tubing

    Heat shrinking Tubing has excellent flame-retardant, insulating properties, soft and elastic, low shrinkage temperature, fast shrinkage, and can be widely used in wire connection, wire end treatment, solder joint protection, wire harness identification, insulation protection, corrosion protection, etc. Our products meet flame retardant and environmental protection requirements, and the performance index test methods are performed in accordance with UL224 and ASTM standards. Some products can replace TE (Raychem), Sumitomo, DSG-Canusa, Alpha, 3M and LG products.
  • Fiberglass Tubing

    Fiberglass Tubing

    Fiberglass Tubing, also known as fiberglass tubes, or fiberglass sleeves, are special kinds of fiber sleeves made of glass fiber woven into a tubular shape and processed by a high temperature setting process. Fiberglass tubes are divided into silicone resin fiberglass tubes and silicone rubber fiberglass tubes. Glass fiber tube has good insulation, flame retardancy and softness, and is widely used in not only the insulation protection of H&N grade motors but also household appliances, electric heating equipment, special lamps, televisions and electronic instruments.
  • Braided Sleeve

    Braided Sleeve

    Braided sleeves are also known as braided cable sleeves, cable sleeving, etc. The materials are divided into PET, PE, PA66, etc., with different appearances of split, closing and self-rolling, and the temperature resistance standard is generally 125 ℃ and 150 ℃. In addition to reducing noise, the braided sleeving has excellent abrasion and temperature resistance. The wiring harness sleeves provided by Typhoenix are all certified by UL, SGS, ROSH and IATF16949:2016. For any customization needs, please contact us.
  • Other Cable Protection

    Other Cable Protection

    You can find the other cable protection products hear.
Automotive Wire Harness Outer Wrapping and Cable Protection Selection    

1. Outer wrapping protection of engine wiring harness

  The engine wiring harness is installed in the engine cabin, the temperature is high, the vibration is large, and the working environment is harsh, so it is wrapped with:
1.1 Corrugated Pipes Corrugated pipes with high flame retardancy, corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength, such as PA, PPMOD corrugated pipes.    1.2 PVC tape PVC Tape is used on the periphery. It can be fully wrapped to provide complete sealing. Usually, it needs PVC Tape with a high temperature resistance of 105 ℃ or 125 ℃.    1.3 Cloth Tape and PVC pipes High-performance polyester cloth tape can be used, and some branches can also be used with high-temperature-resistant PVC pipes considering the bending direction of space. hjgf

2. Outer wrapping protection of passenger compartment wiring harness

  The working environment here is also relatively poor. The wiring harness runs from the upper part of the left front wheel along with the front frame to the upper part of the right front wheel, especially in rainy and snowy weather and bad roads, which are greatly affected by the environment. Most of the branches also choose cable wrapping materials with good corrosion-resistant and mechanical strength, such as:  
2.1 PP and PA Corrugated Pipes  2.2 PVC Pipe Some branches are wrapped with PVC pipes due to the bending of the wires and the layout of the car body, such as ABS wheel speed sensors and other branches.   2.3 Cloth Tape Part of the main wire harness is used cloth tape wrapping with good wear resistance and high temperature resistance.   2.4 Car Grommets The transition area of the wiring harness from the front cabin through the sheet metal hole to the cab needs to be protected by car grommets to avoid scratching or abrasion of the wiring harness from the sheet metal hole, and the car grommets have a good waterproof effect, preventing rainwater from flowing into the cab along with the wiring harness. hdfh

3. Outer wrapping protection of instrument wiring harness

 The instrument wiring harness is fixed under the instrument panel, so the working space is small. Because there are many instruments wiring harnesses and control functions here, it is determined that there are many branches of the instrument wiring harness, and the wiring harness is relatively compact as a whole. However, the environment here is relatively good. So,   
3.1 PVC Tape PVC tape can be used for full wrapping or sparse wrapping.    3.2 PVC Pipe Some branches need to be wrapped with PVC pipes, such as accelerator pedals, airbag branches, etc.   3.3 Sponge Tape The branch of the wire harness connected to the audio function is generally wrapped with sponge tape, which has a good shock absorption effect and ensures good signal transmission.   3.4 Fleece Wire Harness Tape some parts are used for the purpose of noise reduction effect, and fleece wire harness tape is required.   hfgd

4. Outer wrapping protection of door wire harness

  This wire harness is installed in the 4 doors.Although the space is small, it is protected by an interior panel. It can be fully wrapped or sparsely wrapped with tape, and some branches can be wrapped with industrial plastic sheets or PVC pipes. The transition area of the wiring harness from the 4-door sheet metal hole to the interior also needs to be protected by rubber parts with excellent toughness.   jhg (2)    

5. Outer wrapping protection of chassis and roof wire harness


Most of the main harnesses in these two areas will be installed in the body sheet metal holes with cable ties or body clips, and have interior panel protection, so the working environment is good.These harnesses can be directly wrapped with tape, soft and easy to install.According to the specific branch direction and fixing method, the branch can be fully wrapped or sparsely wrapped with tape or wrapped with braided sleeving or protected by PVC pipe; if some parts rub against the car body due to shaking, PVC pipe can also be used for protection.


6. Outer wrapping protection of Battery wiring harness

  This wire harness is generally short and connected to the battery. It is usually wrapped with a corrugated tube, and the external PVC tape is fully wrapped.The battery terminals of the positive and negative electrodes generally need to be protected with a dustproof rubber cap.

7. Outer wrapping protection of airbag wiring harness

  The airbag wiring harness is a key part of the automobile wiring harness, and its production and processing are particularly important. The outer protection of the wiring harness generally needs to be a yellow corrugated pipe, yellow PVC pipe and wrapped with yellow tape, which plays a good warning role.


8. Outer wrapping protection of branch wiring harness

For the convenience of assembly, some wire harness branches need to be bundled with masking tape (paper tape) in advance; some important parts should be wrapped with foam pads to prevent collision and damage during transportation, and be bundled with masking tape. Masking tape has good wearability, and the assembly worker can easily and quickly tear off the tape.    jgfhui
  Typhoenix offers all the above cable protection solutions with a variety of different specifications to suit all kinds of automotive wire harnesses needs. If you need other information, feel free to contact us.

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