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Car Fuse Box

The fuse box is a key component of the car wiring harness. The car fuse box (or automotive fuse box), also known as the automotive fuse Block, is a power distribution system for cars that control and distribute current in automotive circuits. With the increase in car functionality, a reliable and flexible battery distribution unit is particularly important. We offer many standard car fuse boxes for your choice, and we can also provide customized services. In addition to the car fuse box body, we also provide Littelfuse brand car fuses and high-quality car relays, as well as accessories such as car fuse holders, car relay holders, and car fuse pullers.
  • Car Fuse Box Body

    Car Fuse Box Body

    As the world's largest automobile producer and sales country, China also has a wide range of vehicle models. We cooperate with many OEM car fuse box manufacturers to provide all kinds of Universal automotive fuse boxes and customized automotive fuse boxes. Products include 12V and 24V car inline fuse holders, Automotive blade fuse holders, car fuse box covers, automotive waterproof fuse boxes, etc., covering 1-way car fuse boxes to 75-way fuse boxes.
  • Car Fuse

    Car Fuse

    We only sell genuine Littelfuse brand car fuses. We have sufficient Littelfuse stock, which can be delivered within 3-10 days. Currently, the most sold car fuse types are cartridge fuse, mini fuse, mini blade fuse, and micro-mini fuse with a different amp., such as 15 amp car fuse, 20 amp car fuse, 40 amp car fuse, etc.
  • Car Relay

    Car Relay

    Car Relay is also known as the automotive relay or car relay switch. It works as a switch, and a relay allows a small current to control a big current. What we provide include: car headlight replay, car horn reply, car AC relay, and automotive timer relay with different amp and pin No.
  • Automotive Relay Holder

    Automotive Relay Holder

    Using our automotive relay holder, it is easy for you to build your junction box and fuse box. You can see the empty spot in some types of car fuse boxes, these empty spots can be used for spare fuse holders and relay holders. It gives you unlimited flexibility to design electrical distribution systems.
  • Car Fuse Puller

    Car Fuse Puller

    Fuse pullers are the tool to remove car fuses from automotive fuse boxes. Sometimes you can remove them by hand, but it's easier if you have a set of fuse pullers. Normally, you can find one or a set of fuse pullers right in there. We provide different sizes of fuse pullers with high quality for your choice.
  • Other Car Fuse Box Accessories

    Other Car Fuse Box Accessories

    We put the other components and accessories of the car fuse box in this group, such as Diode, fusible link wire, metal parts, small plastic parts and so on.

1. What's the Fuse Box in a Car ?

  The car fuse box is a car fuse holder product, it is a box for installing car fuses. Power is routed from the positive side of the battery into the fuse box through a wire, then the circuit splits and travels through the car fuse box to the fuse and other components.   The main function of the car fuse box is to protect the car circuit.   When a fault occurs in the circuit or the circuit is abnormal, along with the continuous increase of the current, some important components or valuable components in the circuit may be damaged, and the circuit may be burned or even a fire may be caused. In this situation, the fuse in the fuse box cut off the current by self-fusing to protect the safe operation of the circuit.

2. Car Fuse Box Materials

  Car fuse boxes generally require high temperature-resistant materials. Commonly used injection molding materials are plastic, nylon, phenolic plastics, and PBT engineering plastics. Each material has different high-temperature resistance levels.   The fuse box materials used by Typhoenix have all passed the test, and mechanical, environmental protection (ROHS), electrical and other parameters follow the regulations.   khj (1)     khj (2)

3. Development and Design of Automobile Fuse Box

Car electrical boxes are generally dedicated to special vehicles models and are generally developed simultaneously with new automotive models. Typhoenix's fuse boxes are all from car fuse box genuine suppliers. Our experienced engineers and own mold center assure our independent development capabilities to provide OEM and ODM services. 

At the same time, we also have many mature products for you to choose from. You can find the correct car fuse box in our product catalog according to your needs and the number of fuses in the fuse box.  

4. Car Fuse Box Factory Test

  Before leaving the factory, the car fuse box needs to undergo strict factory inspection, and the test can be delivered only after passing the test. Our tests on electrical boxes include:



Sample appearance

Electrical performance

Environmental test

Mechanical properties


✔   Appearance inspection ✔   Overload test ✔   High-temperature aging test ✔   Mechanical impact test


  ✔   Voltage Drop Test ✔   Temperature and humidity test ✔   Vibration test


  ✔   Power Dissipation ✔   Thermal shock test ✔   Shell fixing force test


  ✔   135% fuse load test ✔   Salt spray test ✔   Drop test


    ✔   Dust test ✔   Plugging force test


    ✔   High-pressure water column impact test  

5. What's in the Car Fuse Boxes?

  Although it's called a fuse box, fuses are not the only thing residing within it. It also includes car relays and Relay holders, fuse holders, Fuse Pullers, and other accessories such as Diode, fusible link wire, metal parts, small plastic parts etc. Let’s Typhoenix explain them one by one.  

✔   Car Fuse

The most basic function of a fuse is fusing to protect the circuit when the circuit current is abnormal and exceeds its rated current.   The fuse has two important working parameters, one is the rated current; the other is the rated voltage. When using, the corresponding fuse should be selected according to the current and voltage of the circuit.  

car fuse

The car fuses we sell are all from Littelfuse, and the main car fuse types are:  
  • 1.   Mini Blade Fuse
  • 2.   Micro Blade Fuse
  • 3.   Low Profile mini fuse
  • 4.   Cartridge Fuse
  100% original guarantee, prompt delivery, welcome to inquire!  

✔   Car Relays

In addition to the fuse, the relay is the second major component on the automobile fuse box.  

Car Relay

As a supplier of automotive relays, we provide you with high-quality automotive solid state relays, car headlight relays, car horn relays, AC car relays, automotive timer relays and etc.  

✔   Automotive Relay holders

Automotive relay holders are also known as automotive relay sockets, automotive relay boards, and car replay holders They are flexible components for modular junction blocks. Some fuse boxes will have empty spots for relay holders. You can choose the appropriate automotive relay holder to install on it according to your vehicle configuration.


✔   Car Fuse Puller

A fuse puller is a tool used to take out a car fuse more conveniently. A car fuse box usually has at least one car fuse puller, which is a small black or white plastic clip. Different fuse pullers are selected according to the types and sizes of the fuses in the car fuse box.

fuse puller

✔   Others

●    Diode

  A diode only allows DC current to flow in one direction. Diodes are useful in preventing flyback voltage from damaging computers.


●    Fusible Link Wire

  When the line passes through a huge overload current, the fusible link can be blown within a certain period (generally ≤5s), thereby cutting off the power supply and preventing malignant accidents. The fusible link wire is also composed of a conductor and an insulating layer. The insulating layer is generally made of chlorosulfonated polyethylene. Because the insulating layer (1.0mm to 1.5mm) is thicker, it looks thicker than the wire of the same specification.   The commonly used nominal cross-sections of fusible lines are 0.3mm2, 0.5mm2, 0.75mm2, 1.0mm2, 1.5mm2. However, there are also even fusible links with larger cross-sections such as 8mm2. The length of the fusible link wire is divided into three types: (50±5) mm, (100±10) mm, and (150±15) mm.    
fusiber link wire
  In addition to the above components, there are also some small accessories in the car fuse box, such as metal parts and plastic parts. Generally, the volume and price are relatively low. If you have relevant needs, please contact us.  

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