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Connector Housing

Our automotive connector housing series include a variety of different types of housing to meet the wide range of needs for Car, Truck, Pickup and Bus. It covers different sizes from 025 series to 375 series with pin No. from 1P to 90P, as well as Composite Connector housings and Connector housing Accessories. Our automotive connector housing can withstand harsh environments and meet the needs of different vehicles including unsealed series and sealed series, suitable for female and male terminal housings, as well as plugs and sockets. We understand that connectors are playing a more and more important role in the electrification and intelligence of automobiles, so we pay high attention to the quality and reliability of connectors. Hope to establish business contact with you.
  • Flat Connector Housing

    Flat Connector Housing

    The flat connector housings for automotive are used for the electrical connection between the wiring harness and the various units in the car. You can find both Plugs and sockets according to the Tab Width and the Number of Positions ranging from 1P to 90P both sealable and non-sealable connector housing.
  • Composite Connector Housing 

    Composite Connector Housing 

    Composite connector Housing is also called mixed Housing. Normally it can fit 2 or more different sizes of terminals. This portfolio includes 2 way mixed Housing to 64 way mixed Housing. If you do not see your required configuration, please contact us.
  • Connector Housing Accessories

    Connector Housing Accessories

    Automotive Connector Accessories include second locks, positioning keys, position assurance, guide pins, Connector Caps and Covers, sealing rings, gaskets, etc. Most of them are standard and general parts with high quality designed to meet market needs.

Automotive Connector Housing 

  Automobile connector and harness are the carrier of electric signal control for automobile. It organically connects the central control components of the vehicle with automobile control unit, electrical and electronic execution unit and electrical parts to form a complete automobile electrical and electronic control system. The content and quantity of automobile connector housing and wire harnesses in vehicle electronic technology is also an important indicator of automobile function and performance.      




4gasdg According to the shape and structure, the Connector Housing can be divided into male connector and female Connector;
5hgdhgrt According to the sealing performance, it can be divided into waterproof connector (sealed connector)and ordinary connector (non-sealed connector)


  With the increase of car functions, the car connector as a key component has developed from dozens of connectors used in a car to hundreds of connectors in a car today, with more than 100 varieties: from the previous 6.3 specification to the present 0.64 specification. And these more than 100 kinds of connectors are distributed in the cab, body, door, engine compartment and transmission etc. Because the use temperature and vibration level of the connectors in different places are different, the requirements for the protection level of the connectors are different accordingly, so the performance requirements of the connector are also different depending on the usage environment.  

Green Connector

  At present, there are many connectors housing standards, including international standards, at the same time, many automobile companies’ connector standards are defined by their own, such as Volkswagen's VW 75174, GM's GMW-3191, SAIC's SMTC 3 862 001, Greely’s Q/JLY J7110195C and so on. According to the area, it can be divided into the following three types:  
  • ✔   USCAR-2

  • USCAR-2 represents the requirements of the US auto industry. Standards such as the general GMW3191 and Fiat's 7-Z8260 are based on USCAR-
  •    JASO D605-1996

  • JASO D605-1996 represents the requirements of the Japanese automotive industry
  • ✔   LV124

  • LV124 represents the European automotive industry. It is also a joint enterprise standard representing the German automotive industry, prepared by representatives of the car manufacturers Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen.
8hgjk The Connector Housings we sell are all produced by factories that have obtained IATF16949 certification and have been supplied to OEMs of automobile manufacturers for a long time. Please rest assured about the product quality. Moreover, we have a large inventory, with rapid delivery and stable delivery time. All harness manufacturers and connector dealers are welcome to contact us for more information.

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