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Terminal Extractor Removal Tool Kit for Automotive wiring harness

Description: Extractor Removal Tool Kit for Automotive Wiring Harness

Brand: Typhoenix

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Application: TE KET  BOSCH DELPHI and other terminals

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Typhoenix Catalogue_ Terminal Removal Tools

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Removal a terminal from a connector, you need a terminal extractor

If the plug of automobile wire harness or automobile computer has poor contact or oxidation,you need to remove the terminal inside the connector.

When traditional wire harness terminal is disassembled, it is difficult to take it out because it cannot find a suitable disassembly tool. With terminal extractor and selecting the correct model of terminal removal tool, this problem can be easily solved.


Our Advantages

•  Excellent material selection and design

•  Various specifications

•  Widely used

•  Simple operation

•  Convenient storage

•  Long service life

Terminal Extractor Tool

·. Excellent Material Selection and Design

1. Ergonomic grip design, comfortable hand feeling and no slipping.

2. The needle is made of titanium alloy

•  High strength and not easily deformed.

•  Good mechanical properties.

•  Strong toughness and corrosion resistance.


·. Various Specifications

There are various styles: single needle, double needle, three needle, four needle, cylinder, etc., which can be customized.

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·. Widely Used

1.  Automotive wiring harness connector & terminal

2.  Modification of automobile center console wire harness

3.  Automobile audio refitting

widely used of Terminal Extractor Tools

·. Simple Operation

1.Select the appropriate terminal extractor, if not sure, you can consult online customer service

2.Before use, press and push out the needle and pull it back after use. Safe and easy storage. ,

3.The force and direction of use are very important. when removing the terminal, we need skillful force instead of brute force.

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·. Convenient Storage

The high-quality and simple plastic box packaging makes the product more high-end, more convenient for storage, not easy to be lost and damaged, and convenient for next use.


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