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MC3/012-1HR Car Relay for car fuse box

Description: MC3/012-1HR 35A  Relay for Automotive fuse box

Series: Car Relay

Parts No. : MC3/012-1HR

Contact Switching Capability : 35A

Insulation Resistance : 100M Ω (500VDC)

Reference No.: MC3/012-1HR

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Parts No.:MC3/012-1HR

Name:Car Relay

Contact pressure drop:

1.    • Normal value: 40mV (10A)

2.    Maximum value: 200mV (10A)

Minimum load: 1A 6VDC

Electrical life: 1*105 times

Mechanical life: 1*107 times, 300 times / min

Maximum continuous current:

1.    • NO contact: 35A (resistive)

2.    NC contact: 20A (resistive)

Insulation resistance: 100M Ω (500VDC)


☞    Contact switching capability 35A
☞    It has two contact forms: Normally Open(NO) and Changeover
☞    Operating temperature: 125°C
☞    Multiple operating voltages
☞    Comply with RoHS and ELV directives

What is a Car Relay?

Relay is a kind of control equipment commonly used extensively throughout vehicle electrical systems. It is a switch that is operated electrically, it is also a control object (actuator) that will turn off or on when the conditions are met. When the electricity, magnetism, sound, light or heat output reaches a certain value, the output will change by leaps and bounds. The voltage of the automobile power supply is mostly 12V, so the coil voltage is mostly 12V.

Introduction of common 4-pin or 5-pin Car Relays


 Make & Break Relay

It is also known as SPST (Single-Pole, Single-Throw). There are 4 pins (or terminals) on the body with one high current circuit and contact. The contact is opened or closed depending on whether the relay is at rest or energized.

1.  ●  If the contact is closed when the relay is at rest, the relay is called Normally Closed (NC).

2.   If the contact opens when the relay is stationary, the relay is called Normally Open (NO). These relays are the more common type.

 Changeover Relay

It is also known as SPDT (single-pole, double-throw). There are 5 pins (or terminals) on the body, there are two contacts connected to a common terminal. The relays have two circuits, one is closed when the relay is at rest, and the other is closed when the relay is energized.

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