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what we do

We focus on the supply chain of automotive wire harness industries. We are the manufacturer and wholesaler of automotive wire harness components, including Connector Housings, Terminals, Wire Seals, Fuse Boxes, Cable Protection and Sleeving, Cable Ties and Clips, Wire Harness Tooling and Fixtures Tools, Lean Manufacturing Pipe and Joint Systems, etc. We cooperate with both world brands and Chinese OEM brands. All of the parts are installed in mainstream automobile brands and best-selling vehicle models. And we provide the one-step purchase service. Just send what you need, and let’s work together as partners.


Discover the world-class automotive wire harness components from Typhoenix - the trusted name for top-tier quality by leading brands. If you're interested, please click on the link or contact us for more information.

Products Category

Our product line is very broad, involving all stages of automobile harness production. There are production equipment and tools in the project preparation stage and various materials in the project production stage.

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Our Coordinated Brands

We provide different brands for each types of products. Only the high reputation brands can enter our supplier system. These brands include Chinese brands and non-Chinese brands as below:

  • Brands-Chinese Brands (4)
  • Brands-Chinese Brands (8)
  • Brands-Chinese Brands (2)
  • Brands-Chinese Brands (5)
  • Brands-hgkuy
  • Brands-Chinese Brands (3)
  • Brands-Chinese Brands (7)
  • Brands-Chinese Brands (1)
  • Brands-FDJ
  • Brands-bytru
  • Brands-nbvcytf
  • Brands-nbuy
  • Brands-kuyti
  • Brands-mhjgkiu
  • Brands-mbniuyt
  • Brands-mnbviuy
  • Brands-mhgiuy
  • Brands-jhgf
Why US


    Benefiting from our powerful purchasing system, large inventory and good relationship with factories, we can provide very competitive prices to our customers.



    Our product line covers all processes of automobile wire harness production. You can buy almost all the products you need through us, so to help you save time and purchase logistics cost.



    We can help you to confirm the correct parts No. and provide different quality for your choose. And if you have any question before sales or after-sales, we shall feed you back immediately.



    Before the formal order, we will provide samples for you to test, and these samples are free. At same time, we guarantee to ship the goods completely consistent with the samples.



    We can accept small orders, even sample orders. The small order should be shipped generally 3-5 working days. The lead time of sea orders is only 20-45 days. We understand the time means life and speed.



    The purpose of our cost and quality management is to obtain long-term and lasting competitive advantage, in order to develop for a long time, It is based on long-term strategic objectives.

The process flow & DURATION Estimation

Make Inquiry (1 Day)

Make Inquiry (1 Day)

Make Inquiry (1 Day)

You can send us your inquiry list by email, or choose what you need from our website and then add to your Shopping Cart, then send us message together with your shopping cart. It is better to descrip your requirment, such as your project, Brand or quality requirement, Qty, Lead Time and etc.

Checking And Quotation (1-5 Days)

Checking And Quotation (1-5 Days)

Checking And Quotation (1-5 Days)

We shall confirm the correct parts you need, and prepare our price list to you. We may need to discuss with you to make clear your detail requirement. It shall spend 1-2 days normally. If what we received is a whole project, it may need longer time.

Samples Confirmation (1-10 Days)

Samples Confirmation (1-10 Days)

Samples Confirmation (1-10 Days)

We shall collect the samples for your checking within 1-3 days, and then make delivery to you, the delivery time is normally 3-7 working days according to the distance and the service timeliness of the express company. If we can confirm the parts by Parts No. and/or photoes, There is no need to send more samples

Payment Bill (1 Day)

Payment Bill (1 Day)

Payment Bill (1 Day)

Once the details of the Proforma Invoice is confirmed by both of us, please go to your local bank and arrange the payment accordingly. And don't forgot to provide your bank slip to us.

Manufacturing and Packing (3-40 Days)

Manufacturing and Packing (3-40 Days)

Manufacturing and Packing (3-40 Days)

The order preparation shall be started immediatly after your payment, we can finish it and make delivery within 3-10 days for express and air order and 15-40 days for sea order according to your purchase quantity.

International Transportation (3-45 days)

International Transportation (3-45 days)

International Transportation (3-45 days)

The wiring harness materials and components shall be sent to you by Sea, Air or courier. You shall receive them within 15-35 days for sea delivery, 5-10 days for air delivery, and 3-5 days for courier delivery (DHL, UPS, FDX, TNT, ARAMEX and etc.). Contact us if you need any help about delivery.

Customer Reviews

  • I'm very happy to work with them. What impressed me most was that once we urgently needed 1000 pcs housing and one reel terminals, which both are small and cheap products. However, our other suppliers either had high prices or didn't have stock. Only them, price is the best, and they delivered the goods the next day.

    Mohit Kumar

    Mohit Kumar


    Purchasing Specialist 

  • Our cooperation has been more than eight years. To be honest, we have also changed suppliers, but these experience only tells us that they are our best choice. They are not only our supplier, but also our top partner. 





  • We are a small wire harness manufacturing company, which needs a lot of products. Most of the procurement needs are short orders and small orders with high frequency. They often complete orders more than expected. It provides great support for the improvement of our customer satisfaction. Thanks!

    Diego Gaona



    General Manager

  • It is amanzing to work with them. There are huge inventory for my choice. They always act quickly, whether it's a large order or a small order. I'm definitely going to keep working with them. 

    Randy Brown

    Randy Brown

    United State 

    Supply Chain Manager

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1. Do you provide original brand parts, such as TE, AMP, KET, Molex, JST, Yazaki, APTIV, etc.? 

Yes, we provide both these original parts and Chinese brands. And we have large inventory for these original brands parts. If you need them urgently, contact us please.

2. Are all your products displayed on the website?

No, they are not all our products. Please contact us if you don't find what you need from our website. 

3. How can you help me to find the correct Connectors, Terminals or Wire seals No. if I don't know the their parts No.?

I understand that it is dificult to confirm correct parts for these small connectors, terminals or wire seals. However, we can help you according to your basic technician information. Just send us your photos, leave the rest to us. 

4. Can you handle the fully project including all materials? 

Yes, we can and we already successed in several different projects. We provide all Connectors, Terminals, Wire seals, Tapes, Body ties and clips, Fuse boxes, Corrugate pipes, PVC pipes, etc. 

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