Types of Automotive Electrical Connectors and Single Vehicle Value


As the largest application field of connectors, automotive connectors account for 23.7% of the global connector market.

Automotive connectors include low-voltage connectors, high-voltage connectors and high-speed connectors.

At present, the largest market scale is medium and low voltage connectors. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles and the electrification and intellectualization of vehicles, the market for high-voltage connectors and high-speed connectors is growing rapidly.

Low-voltage connectors

Low-voltage connectors are usually used for lamps, window lift motors, etc. of traditional fuel vehicles, and the working voltage is generally lower than 20V. The value of a single car is about 600 China yuan, or about 90 dollars.

High voltage connectors

High voltage connectors are mainly used in batteries, PDU (high voltage distribution box), OBC (on-board charger), DC, air conditioning, PTC heating, DC/AC charging interface, etc. of new energy vehicles. Generally, 60V-380V or higher voltage level transmission and 10A-300A or higher current level transmission are provided according to different scenarios. The single vehicle value of high-voltage connectors is 1000~3000 China yuan, equivalent to about 300 dollars.

High-speed connectors

High-speed connectors are divided into FAKRA RF connectors, Mini FAKRA connectors, HSD (High-Speed Data) connectors and Ethernet connectors, which are mainly used for cameras, laser radars, millimeter-wave radars, sensors, broadcast antennas, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, infotainment systems, navigation and driving assistance systems, etc. The value of high-speed connectors per vehicle will be 500~1000 yuan, equivalent to about 100 dollars.

Post time: Feb-08-2023

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