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Automotive wiring harness supply chain management is an important part of the automotive industry. Our company is pleased to provide our valued customers with excellent products and services to meet their specific needs. As a manufacturer and wholesaler of Automotive Wiring Harness components, we specialize in providing a range of quality products to the industry. These include connector housings, electronic terminals, wire seals, fuse boxes, cable protection and sleeving, cable ties and clips, harness tools and fixing tools, lean manufactured tubing and splice systems, and more.


Our company cooperates with world brands such as TE, AMP, Aptiv, Molex, KET, Hellermanntyton and Chinese OEM brands to ensure that we provide customers with high-quality products equipped with mainstream car brands and best-selling vehicle models. Through us, customers can benefit from our one-stop purchasing service, which simplifies the procurement process for them.


Here are some of our products for your reference:

♦  Connector Housing

♦  Electronic Terminal

♦  Electrical Tape

♦  Littelfuse Car Fuses

Connector Housing

Large green connector isolated on white background

Connector housings are essential equipment in the automotive industry. Typhoenix provides various types of connector housings to meet different requirements of customers. Our extensive line of connector housing products includes fine pitch connectors, multi-row connectors and sealed connectors. Our large pitch connectors and sealed connectors are suitable for large automotive applications.

Electronic Terminal

Male&Female Connector Terminals 主图

We also supply electronic terminals for connecting wires to other components, including terminals, connector housings or sockets. We offer different types of electronic terminals for the automotive industry including blade terminals, ring terminals, battery terminals and more.

Electrical Tape

colorful adhesive tape isolated on white

Electrical tape is a useful material for insulating wires and cables. We offer high-quality electrical tape that is durable, long-lasting, and ensures the safety of the wiring in any automotive application. We also supply different types of electrical tapes including PVC electrical tapes, high temperature electrical tapes and rubber based electrical tapes.

Littelfuse Car Fuses


Typhoenix also offers automotive fuses for protecting sensitive electronic components in the automotive industry against short circuits and overloads. Our fuses are 100% genuine Littelfuse brand which is reliable and durable, ensuring your vehicle is always protected on the road.


In conclusion, our company provides a comprehensive solution to meet the needs of different automotive industries. Our products range from connector housings to electronic terminals, electrical tapes, wiring harnesses, battery terminals, automotive fuses and more. We cooperate with world-class brands to ensure the high quality of our products and provide our customers with a one-stop automotive wiring harness supply chain。

Post time: Mar-13-2023

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