Performance of automobile connectors


The performance of automobile connectors is reflected in three ways: Mechanical Performance, Electrical Performance and Environmental Performance.

Mechanical Performance

In terms of mechanical performance, it mainly includes insertion and extraction force, mechanical life, vibration resistance, mechanical impact resistance, etc.

1. Insertion and Extraction Force

Generally, the maximum value of the insertion force and the minimum value of the extraction force are specified;

2. Mechanical Life

The mechanical life, also known as the plug and pull life, is a durability index. The plug and pull force and the mechanical life of the connector are usually related to the coating quality of the contact part and the accuracy of the arrangement dimension.

3. Vibration and Mechanical Impact Resistance

Because the vehicle is in a dynamic environment for a long time during driving, the resistance to vibration and mechanical impact can effectively reduce the surface wear caused by the friction of the contact parts, improve the reliability of the product, and thus improve the safety of the whole vehicle system.

Electrical Performance

Electrical performance mainly includes contact resistance, insulation resistance, voltage resistance, electromagnetic interference resistance (EMC), signal attenuation, current-carrying capacity, crosstalk and other requirements.

1. Contact Resistance

Contact resistance refers to the additional resistance generated between the male and female terminal contact surfaces, which will directly affect the signal transmission and electrical transmission of the electrical equipment in the vehicle. If the contact resistance is too large, the temperature rise will become higher, and the service life and reliability of the connector will be affected;

2. Insulation Resistance

Insulation resistance refers to the resistance value presented by applying the voltage to the insulation part of the connector, thus causing leakage current on the surface or inside of the insulation part. If the insulation resistance is too low, it may form a feedback circuit, increase power loss and cause interference. Excessive leakage current may damage the insulation and endanger safety.

3. Electromagnetic Interference Resistance (EMC)

Anti-electromagnetic interference means electromagnetic compatibility. It refers to not generating electromagnetic interference from other equipment and maintaining the original performance, even if receiving electromagnetic interference from other equipment This is particularly important in the automotive electronic system.

Environmental Performance

In terms of environmental performance, the connector is required to have temperature resistance, humidity resistance, salt fog resistance, corrosion gas resistance and other properties.

1. Temperature Resistance

Temperature resistance puts forward requirements for the working temperature of the connectors. When the connector works, the current generates heat at the contact point, resulting in a temperature rise. If the temperature rise is too high to exceed the normal working temperature, it is easy to cause serious accidents such as short circuits and fire.

2. Humidity Resistance, Salt Fog Resistance, etc

Humidity resistance, salt fog resistance and corrosion resistance gas can avoid oxidation and corrosion of the metal structure and contact parts of the connector and affect the contact resistance.

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